Types of Translations - Formal Equivalence

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.....There are two broad categories of translations, formal or functional equivalence (aka literal or word-for-word) and dynamic equivalance (aka paraphrase, thought-for-thought, or free). There is a third category called optimal equivalence (essentially a mixture of the two), however for our purposes we've included these in the dynamic equivalence category.

Formal Equivalence - Translation from Greek or Hebrew to English is very imprecise, and more of an art than a science. This is generally due to the differing natures of the languages, not failure on the part of the translators. Even the most literal of translations fall short of word-for-word, and the more this is attempted, the more difficult it is to read. Also known as literal translations, this is more in a relevant sense. Examples of this type of translation include:

American King James Version
American Standard Translation
Analytical-Literal Translation
Anchor Bible
Ancient Roots Translinear Bible
The Apostles’ Bible
AV7, The New Authorized Version
Beck’s American Translation
Bishops’ Bible
Brenton’s English Translation of the Septuagint 
Cambridge Paragraph Bible
Challoner’s revision of the Douay-Rheims Bible 
The Common Edition New Testament
The Complete Apostles’ Bible
The Complete Jewish Bible
A Conservative Version
Darby Bible
Douay-Rheims Bible
Emphatic Diaglott 
English Majority Text Version
English Standard Version
Ferrar Fenton Bible
Geneva Bible
Great Bible or Great Byble
Green’s Literal Translation, also known as Literal Translation of the Holy Bible
International Standard Version
Julia E. Smith Parker Translation 
King James 2000 Version 
King James Version
Matthew Bible
Modern King James Version
New American Standard Bible
The New Authorized Version in Present-Day English
New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
New Interpreters’ Study Bible
New King James Version
New Revised Standard Version
New World Translation
The Quaker Bible
Recovery Version of the Bible
Revised English Bible
Revised Standard Version
Revised Version
Rotherham’s English Bible
Taverner’s Bible 
Third Millennium Bible 
Thomson’s Translation 
21st Century King James Version
Tyndale Bible 
Updated King James Version
A Voice in the Wilderness Holy Scriptures 
Webster Bible
World English Bible
Wuest Expanded Edition
Wyclif’s Bible 
Young’s Literal Translation
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