Types of Translations - Dynamic Equivalence

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.....There are two broad categories of translations, formal or functional equivalence (aka literal or word-for-word) and dynamic equivalance (aka paraphrase, thought-for-thought, or free). There is a third category called optimal equivalence (essentially a mixture of the two), however for our purposes we've included these in the dynamic equivalence category.

Dynamic Equivalence - A broad category of translations, the intent of the translator in this type of translation is to bring the meaning of the text out in an easier to read format. The translations in this category essentially take each portion of the text and reword it to better convey the meaning of the original writer. Care should be taken when choosing this type of translation however, as bias and motives other than pure theology can more easily creep into the text. Examples of this type of translation include:

Amplified Bible
An American Translation
Berkeley Version
Bible in Basic English
The Bible in Living English
Bible in Worldwide English
The Clear Word
Contemporary English Bible
Cotton Patch Gospel
EasyEnglish Bible
English Jubilee 2000 Bible
God’s Word Bible
Good News Translation
Holman Christian Standard Bible
Holy Scriptures Version
James Murdock New Testament
Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible
Lamsa Bible, formally known as The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts
Living Bible
The Message
The Modern Language Bible, also known as the New Berkeley Version
Moffatt, New Translation
New Century Version
New English Bible
New English Translation
New International Reader’s Version
New International Version
New International Version Inclusive Language Edition
New Life Version
New Living Translation
Phillips New Testament in Modern English
Restored Name King James Version
Revised English Bible
Seaside Bible, also known as the Children’s King James Version
Simple English Bible, also known as the International English Bible
The Story Bible
Today’s English Version
Today’s New International Version
Weymouth New Testament
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