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The Cotton Patch Gospel

Also known as A Colloquial Translation with a Southern Accent
Date translation originally released - 1968

Translator - Clarence Jordan

Texts used in the translation - Not known.

Type of translation - Dynamic Equivalence

Standard abbreviation - CPG

Revisions to the translation - 1968

Sample Verses
(Copyright 1968 edition)

John 3:16 - In the same way, God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, that whoever trusts him might not die, but might have spiritual life.

John 10:9 - Not available (translation only written through Chapter 8).

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - Or maybe you didn’t know, huh, that the unjust will have no part in the God movement? Well, don’t kid yourselves. No tom-catters, nor money addicts, nor wife-swappers, nor the idle rich, nor homosexuals, nor crooks, nor profiteers, nor drunks, nor character-assassins, nor exploiters will have any part in the God movement.

For more information:

Overview of the translation

.....This version is not scripture, and should not be taken as such (Clarence Jordan said it should be considered a version, not a translation). None-the-less, the aim of this work is to take the New Testament and change the places and language to try to make it fit with the African-American culture in the American South during the Civil Rights movement days of the 1950’s and 60’s, and is interesting for that reason. Written by Clarence Jordan, who believed we should be participants in our faith, not just spectators, four volumes were published over the years 1968-1973. Some things readers might find insulting, amusing, or endearing (depending on your point of view) are the translations of Jew as White Man, Gentile as Negro, crucifixion as lynching, and place name changes, such as Paul's letter to the Ephesians to "The Letter to the Christians in Birmingham." There was also a musical made, relating the story of Jesus set in Georgia using the Cotton Patch Gospels of Matthew and Mark.

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