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The Accurate New Testament

Date translation originally released - 2008

Translator - Mark Harness

Texts used in the translation
Novum Testamentum Graece, Twenty-Seventh Edition, along with other ancient Greek texts.

Type of translation - Formal equivalence

Standard abbreviation - TANT

Revisions to the translation - None known

Sample Verses
(Copyright 2008 edition)

John 3:16 - so for loves The God the world that the son the only [man] [He] gives that Every The [Man] Believing to him not may lose {himself} but [He] may have life continual

John 10:9 - I am The Door through me if Someone may enter [He] will be saved and [He] will enter and [He] will proceed and pasture [He] will find

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - or not? [You*] have seen for [Men] Wrong [of] god kingdom not will inherit not be deceived! neither Prostitutes neither Idolaters neither Adulterers neither [Men] Feminine neither Homosexuals neither Thieves neither Men (Greedy) not Drunks not [Men] Abusive not [Men] Swindling kingdom [of] god will inherit

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Overview of the translation

.......A very literal translation of the New Testament by Mark Harness, the translator strove to use the same word forms in English as it was used in Greek, and to do so within strict guidelines. When books are written by the same person, the same English word is used in the translation. All Greek words have been translated into English in the Greek word order with no punctuation (as it was in the original), and if English words are added to the text to complete a sentence they are included in brackets. While this can make the text difficult to read, translations from Greek to English usually are if any attempt at literalism is employed.
.......While we don’t see it explicitly stated, it appears that the translator wanted to leave the interpretation of the Scripture up to the reader after the translation was done, something worthy of note.

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