Bible Translations

Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures - The New Jewish Publication Society---------.-Translation
Taverner’s Bible
Teenage Version of the Holy Bible
Templeton's Jesus - A Paraprase Blending of the Gospels
The Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer, portions of Exodus, Acts, &--------Psalms by King Alfred the Great
Third Millennium Bible
Thompson Chain Reference Bible
Thompson's New Testament
Thomson’s Translation
Today’s New International Version
Today's English Version
Tomanek's Jesus Anointed New Testament
Torah Transliteration Scripture
Torrey's Four Gospels Translation
Traina's Sacred Name Bible
Translation of the New Testament from the Original Greek
Translation of the Qumran Texts
The Translator's New Testament
Trimm's Hebraic Roots Version
Turner's Heritage Bible
Twentieth Century New Testament
21st Century King James Version
21st Century Version
2001 Translation - An American English Bible
NOTE: Alternate names included in listings
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