Bible Translations

Reader's Digest Bible
Recovery Version of the Bible
Reese's Chronological Bible
Reflecting God Study Bible
Restoration of the Original Sacred Name Bible
Restoration Scriptures: True Name
Restored Interpretation New Testament
Restored Name King James Version
Resurrection Life New Testament
Revised English Bible
Revised English Version
Revised Geneva Bible
Revised King James Version
Revised Rheims New Testament
Revised Standard Version
Revised Standard Version
A Revised Translation and Interpretation
Revised Tyndale New Testament
Revised Tyndale New Testament
Revised Version
Revised Wycliffe New Testament
Revised Young's Literal Translation
Rheims New Testament
Rheims-Douai Bible
Rieu's Four Gospels - A New Translation
Riverside New Testament
Ronald Knox Translation
Rotherham’s English Bible
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