Bible Translations

Palmer's Translation
Papoutsis' Holy Orthodox Bible
A Paraphrase and Annotations of the New Testament
Parker's Literal New Testament
People's New Covenant
People's New Testament
Phillips New Testament in Modern English
Pickering's Translation of the Majority Text
Pierce's Revised Webster's Bible
The Pioneers' New Testament
The Plain English Bible
Plain English New Testament
Porter's A Conservative Version
Positive Infinity New Testament
Power New Testament Revealing Jewish Roots
Primitive New Testament KJV Revision
A Private Translation in the Language of the People
Psalms by Aldhelm the Bishop of Sherborne
The Psalter of the Prophet and King David with the Nine Biblical Odes
Psalters (a collection of Psalms) 12 total, including Vespasian &--------------Eadwine's Canterbury Psalter
Purified Translation of the New Testament
Puver's Bible
NOTE: Alternate names included in listings
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