Bible Translations

Gaer's Jewish Bible for Family Reading
Gaus' Unvarnished New Testament
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and------------Judges by Aelfric (Alfric)
Geneva Bible
Geneva Bible with Corrected Spelling
Geneva Bible with Modern Spelling
God Chaser's Extreme New Testament
God Is Beautiful, Man
God Is For Real, Man
God’s Word Bible
God's First Truth - Yes Word!
God's Living Word Translation
God's Word
God's Word to the Nations
Good News For The Warrior Race
Gospel of John translated into Anglo-Saxon English by Bede
Gospel of Matthew in the Rushworth Gospels by Farman
Great Bible
Great Byble
Greave's New Testament
Green’s Literal Translation
Green's Interlinear Greek-English Bible
Green's Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English
Green's Literal Translation New Issue
Green's Teen-age KJV
NOTE: Alternate names included in listings
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