Bible Translations

The Caedmon Manuscript
The Caedmon Poems
Caedmon's Metrical Paraphrase
The Calvin Bible
Cambridge Paragraph Bible
Campbell's Living Oracles New Testament
Campbell's New Testament
Cassirer's God's New Covenant
The Catholic Living Bible
A Catholic New Testament
Catholic Public Domain Version
The Centenary Translation
Chained Bible
Challoner’s revision of the Douay-Rheims Bible
Children’s King James Version
The Children's New Testament
Christian Community Bible by Bernardo Hurault
The Christian Counselor's New Testament
Clarified King James New Testament
Clean; A Recovery Companion
The Clear Word
Codex Junius
A Colloquial Translation with a Southern Accent
The Command of the Ever-Living
Common Bible
The Common Edition New Testament
Common English New Testament
The Complete Apostles’ Bible
The Complete Jewish Bible
The Comprehensive New Testament
Concordant Literal New Testament
Concordant Version: The Sacred Scriptures, An Idiomatic, Consistent, Emphasized Version
Confraternity Bible New Testament from the Latin Vulgate
Confraternity New Testament Reissued
A Conservative Version
Contemporary English Version
The Contemporary Torah: A Gender-Sensitive Adaptation of the JPS-Translation
Context Group Version
The Corrected English New Testament
Coulter's New Testament in its Original Order
Coverdale's Bible
Cranmer Bible
A Critical Commentary and Paraphrase
Cromwell Bible
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